About Mediceutical Laboratories

Mediceutical Laboratories is a licensed Pharmaceutical company that specialises in Salon Professional dermatological solutions.

Historically Mediceuticals is linked to Alcon Laboratories who is a world leader in Ophthalmology and Dermatology. Mediceuticals was the salon professional division of Alcon’s dermatological products.

Mediceuticals markets many of the same salon professional products that Alcon marketed to dermatologists. Mediceuticals introduced a salon professional approach for hair stylist to diagnose, treat, and prescribe specialized dermatological treatments for scalp, hair and skin conditions.

Mediceuticals has been helping people since 1964.

Mediceutical Laboratories, Ltd.
7532 Pebble Drive
Fort Worth TX 76118
United States

Mediceuticals New Zealand Ltd.
28 Awhiorangi Promende
Auckland 0164
New Zealand

Mediceuticals Europe B.V.
Kelvinstraat 61,
2723 RJ Zoetermeer
The Netherlands, EU

Salons. Stylists. Clinicians Need professional solutions for your clients scalp conditions?

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