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Mediceuticals New Zealand Ltd is provider of salon exclusive hair care products and the sole NZ Mediceuticals distributor. Team Mediceuticals, (the people that bought you Nioxin) are considered by the professional Salon industry as the undisputed scalp and hair loss experts. In fact we have 15 years of “in-the-trenches”, “hands-on”, “real-world” scalp & hair loss experience like no one else.

My team have facilitated scalp & hair loss education for 355 salons, 953 stylists, 3,552 Salon clients, 7 hairdressing schools (Including Servilles hairdressing academy) and supplied $13,528,095 worth of scalp and hair loss solutions.

Geoff Grace, Director

Mediceuticals New Zealand Limited
28 Awhiorangi Promenade
Swanson, Auckland 0614
New Zealand

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