Achieve Award-Season Hair With Mediceuticals

February 2012: Colour treatments, hot irons and hair dryers all take a big toll on our tresses but a new range of hair treatment products will literally undo the damage done.
Mediceuticals is a leading international brand of hair & Scalp formulations designed to treat recurring scalp conditions and hair problems. It is now available in New Zealand and their Healthy Hair Solutions range contains both Volume and Strength which are must-have products for every woman’s beauty cabinet.
Mediceuticals NZ spokesman Geoff Grace says the company’s Healthy Hair Solutions products are specifically formulated to repair and protect extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair. “These remarkable solutions feature a patented enzymatic protein for optimum repair, protection and health,” he says.
Volume is a hair and cuticle repair treatment suitable for fine, damaged and chemically treated hair. It will help banish split ends while increasing the hair’s diameter by up to 26 per cent. 
Volume will also protect your locks from thermal damage by 56 per cent and will leave you with smooth, beautiful hair when used in combination with Strength. 
Mediceuticals’ Strength is specifically formulated to protect and repair your hair. It will stop breakages from occurring in just 120 seconds and restore its moisture, shine and elasticity.
“This product is designed to reinstate vital amino acids so you can have healthy, virgin-quality hair,” Grace says. “And when you use Mediceuticals’ Strength alongside Volume you can repair any damage which thermal applications like hair dryers, ceramic rods and heated rollers have done.”
The RRP for Volume is $24.70 for 180ml and Strength is $38.10 for 180ml.
Grace says this new generation of dermatological hair treatment solutions have been clinically tested and meet European standards for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and hair disorders.
Mediceuticals are only available through fine salons, spas, and professional hair restoration clinics. Visit for a list of New Zealand stockists.
“Once you’ve tried Mediceuticals you won’t go back to ordinary shampoo,” Grace promises. “We put our hair through a lot nowadays and these products will give your hair the best chance to shine again.”

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