Hair & Hormones

When it comes to the health and quality or abundance of hair, hormones are in the driver’s seat. In the past decade, ground breaking new research has shown a defining link between thinning hair and fluctuations in estrogen and testosterone levels.

For Women life experiences such as pregnancy, post pregnancy, nursing, pre- and post-menopause, as well as medications such as birth control or steroids, may also cause hormonal changes.

These studies add new depth to the surprising number of men and women who are searching for a treatment for the appearance of thinning hair.

In fact, 25 percent of all men have noticeably thin-looking hair, and as many as 36 percent of all women ages 40 to 49 experience some degree of thinning hair. So, how is the growth of your hair affected by hormones?

What are the most common hormone-related causes of poor quality and condition of hair in Women... For more information phone 0800 34 33 34 or Get In Touch

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