Talking to People with Cancer about Hair Loss

I've always felt a little awkward talking to cancer sufferers about hair loss.  It feels to me as if they are thinking that I just want to "cash in" on their illness, when in fact, I really would like to help them feel better about themselves.

About a month ago, I found out that one of my friends has cancer. Being quite close to her, I was able to talk and ask questions freely about her illness and her feelings. I was quite astounded with what she told me.

My friend knows that I am in the hairdressing industry, so it seemed fitting that she discussed with me her concerns about losing her hair while having Chemotherapy.

Those of us without this dreaded illness could be forgiven for thinking that losing our hair would be the least of our concerns.

It is interesting that for my friend, it was the second highest concern after "Can I beat this". I suspect this would be true for many others like her.

In talking at length with my friend, she divulged to me that losing her hair would be worse than the Chemo itself. She believes that her recovery would be slower if she lost her hair because she would be feeling so bad about herself.

I asked her if I was to introduce her to a product that may be able to keep her hair on her head during the chemo process, if would she feel as if I was 'cashing in' on her illness she said "certainly not - is there such a product?"

At this point, I talked to her at length about how the products work. I was really amazed at how informed she was about the way the body works, as a result of having developed cancer. She easily understood about cells in the body and the hair cell and the affect chemo has on the hair cell.

After this chat I organised what products she needed and she has begun her hair loss program. Her doctors have even commented to her about her positive attitude.

I conclude by offering this thought. Life is made up mostly of fear and hope. Don't be frightened to give someone some extra hope simply by introducing them to Mediceuticals at the time they might need it the most.

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