Your Professional Hair Stylist

Your first line of defence against hair loss is your professional hair stylist. When asked, a majority of people said they’re more comfortable talking about their hair loss concerns with a hair stylist (in the privacy of the salon) than disclosing their hair loss problems to doctors, family or even close friends.


Hair Life Cycle

The THREE CYCLES of hair miniaturization

The Anagen Cycle, or that phase in which the hair is actually growing

The Catagen Cycle, or the intermediate phase of hair growth when the lower two-thirds of the hair follicle is destroyed

And the Telogen Cycle, or that phase when hair growth is resting

At any given time... 


Hair Follicle Miniaturisation

Miniaturisation' of the hair and follicle is a process that occurs over a period of time and must be reversed in order to grow strong, healthy hair.If the hair miniaturises down to vellus baby hair then the follicle becomes susceptible to blockages. Conventional products are unable to remove the blockages and progressively less and less hair is able to grow.


Vallus & Terminal hair

There are two types of hair growing on our scalp Vallus & Terminal hair. The first type of hair is vellus hair, which is approximately 1 mm long. This fine hair is present on the body after the soft hair of infancy is gone. Vellus hair is very fine and shallow-rooted.

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