Hair Loss a Growing Issue for Many Kiwis

New Hair Formulations Available in NZ for First Time
December 2011: Stress and lifestyle changes are having a dramatic effect on the number of New Zealanders suffering from hair loss but people are now able to treat the problem themselves without resorting to painful or expensive clinical procedures.
Stress is a recognised as a contributing factor for people suffering from hair loss and now a leading US brand of hair formulations which combines dermatological science with traditional natural herbal medicines is available for the first time in New Zealand and is able to help.
Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration Technology incorporates an advanced patent anti-hair loss complex for both men and women. Market Analysis shows hair loss is a growing issue for Kiwis, with 40 per cent of women and 50 per cent of men showing signs or experiencing hair loss by age 50.
The adrenal, pituitary and thyroid glands which produce cortisol, adrenalin and thyroid-stimulating hormones are believed to be primarily responsible, along with lifestyle changes such as diet and child birth. According to the Kiwi Families website, one third of all 25 to 35 year-old females are suffering from hair loss – proving it’s not just a problem that afflicts older men.
Mediceuticals NZ spokesman Geoff Grace says the Advanced Hair Restoration range of products will make a noticeable difference within 12 weeks of regular use. 
“Losing your hair is an extremely emotional and stressful experience,” Grace says. “It often compounds the stress that people are under and makes the problem even worse.”
Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration products target the three primary causes of hair loss and provide a comprehensive way of reversing the damaging done.
The company’s overall hair restoration programme is designed to tackle the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – the hormone which is the primary cause for the miniaturization of the hair follicle and hair loss. It also addresses inadequate blood circulation and weak hair anchorage which prevents the hair root from taking a firm, deep hold in the scalp.
Mediceuticals Advanced Hair Restoration is a 3-Part System consisting of a Shampoo, either.. BioClenz an antioxidant shampoo for normal scalp and hair ; OR HydroClenz a moisturising shampoo for dry scalp and hair ; In addition you would use both Final Finish a lite acidifying rinse and Numinox which is designed to stimulate the hair follicle while protect the scalp.
“Our 3-Part System helps accelerate new hair growth by providing optimal scalp conditions,” Grace explains..”
Final Finish contains natural apple cider vinegar to regulate the acidity of your hair and scalp. Mediceuticals’ philosophy is that ‘beautiful, healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp’ and this product will help deliver just that.
And finally Numinox is an advanced anti-hair loss dermatological formula which contains natural vitamin B complex, a microvascular metabolic uptake complex and a natural anti-androgen DHT inhibiting complex – all designed to encourage hair growth.
“Thinning hair or alopecia is not something people have to put up with,” he says. “Our dermatological hair treatment solutions have all been clinically tested and meet European standards for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and hair disorders such as hair loss.”
Mediceuticals are only available through fine salons, spas, and professional hair restoration clinics. Visit for a list of New Zealand stockists.

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