Hot, DrySummer Ahead: Protecting Your Locks More Important Than Ever

TAURANGA, Wednesday 7th November 2012: NIWA is predicting a hot, dry Kiwi summer ahead and the combination of heat, water and dry air means it’s vital to protect your scalp and hair just as much as your skin.

Dry, hot conditions combined with swimming in chlorinated pools or in the salty ocean during summer can make your hair feel dry, brittle and tangled as well as affecting its overall colour and shine.

Mediceuticals is a leading international brand of formulations designed to treat recurring scalp and hair problems including “swimmer’s hair”. Mediceuticals New Zealand managing director, Geoff Grace, says when our hair and skin come into contact with chlorine and copper from a pool or spa, oxidisers attach onto our hair like magnets and cause hair to become dry and even discoloured.

“Chlorine also strips your hair’s natural oils that are there to protect and nourish hair. This can cause the hair to become dull and brittle which increases the risk of hair breakage,” Grace explains.

Grace says the company’s Healthy Hair Solutions range is specifically formulated to repair and protect extreme cases of dry, damaged, fragile, fine and thinning hair. “These remarkable solutions feature a patented enzymatic protein for optimum repair and protection that restores beautiful healthy hair,” he says.

For water lovers use Vivid, a must-have this summer offering a natural purifying shampoo which protects your hair from fading and damaging UVA/UVB rays. It gently cleanses to remove toxins and the build-up of any cosmetic residues in your locks.

Vivid contains natural apple cider vinegar (an antioxidant) which will regulate the acidity of your hair and scalp, and is ideal for protection from hard, chemically treated or salted water. It is also great to use before and after hair colouring treatments.

Your hair isn’t the only part of your body affected by the chlorine and salt water. Your scalp and skin may experience adverse effects as well, including extreme dryness, itchiness and flaking. Damaged hair can be repaired by applying a protective conditioning treatment before you swim.

Mediceuticals’ Moistcyte is an active moisturising treatment which hydrates the hair from the inside out. It protects the hair against damaging UVA/UVB rays and leaves hair shiny, smooth and strong. 

“This product is perfect for dry hair and is designed to be used once a week to repair both damaged and protect colour treated hair from fading,” Grace says.

Grace says Mediceuticals’ new generation of dermatological scalp and hair treatment solutions have been clinically tested and meet European standards for treating and controlling a broad spectrum of common scalp and skin disorders whilst also treating the hair itself.

“As much as we all love a long hot summer, heat, humidity, chlorine and salt can really wreak havoc on your hair, so it pays to plan ahead and protect your hair before it’s too late,” says Grace.

Mediceuticals products are available through fine salons and spas, for a full list of stockists visit’s at $22.90 for 180ml and Moistcyte RRP at $30.50 for 180ml.


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