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My husband noticed the difference within 2 weeks. I’ve been using it for 6 weeks and it’s the best product I’ve ever used. Products used: TheraRx, X-Folate, Therapeutic. As Emma’s stylist after 6 weeks her hair and scalp looked amazing – L. Wise (Hair Stylist) – E. Beynon, Wattle Downs, Teacher.

Products used: Bioclenz, Therapeutic & Numinox. Cleaner skull and fuller looking and feel of hair. – John Mala. Mangere.

Used Folligen, Vitatin, Volume, Defend Mist & Cellagen. Good results, more volume, less hair fall & breakage. Hair feels strong & smooth & I save time on styling. Hair looks shiny & healthy. – Margaret Ahamad. Massey.

My clients ask why we stock Mediceuticals? I work with women who have hair thinning problems, breakage, slow growing hair and hair loss. The instant remedy for me has been to add extra hair. This is purely cosmetic but does not offer long term hair recovery solutions. Mediceuticals offers long term solutions by looking after the scalp and hair. We want our clients to be confident to walk with their own hair rather than have to depend on extensions for anything esle than cosmetic enhancement. – Evelyn Park. Garden of Eve Salon. Remuera.

I came into the salon with hair that had "dreaded". It was in a shocking state. karen that she would be able to fix my hair, to undread it. I didn't believe her, but thought why not let her try. She used copious amounts of Mediceuticals products, with a fair bit of hair treatment. But its results were absolutely fantastic my hair looked amazing after Karen's and Diandra's treatment I am amazed at the results and have bought the product! – A.Fierrey. Whakatane NZ.

I have had Psoriasis for many years & I have just had treatment of Mediceuticals & my scalp now feels so much better & less itchy. I am looking forward to using this product. – M.Wineata. Whakatane NZ

I was very impressed with the Mediceuticals Range, it left my scalp feeling very calmed & soothed, I look forward to sharing the range with my clients! – G.Karam-Whalley. Hairdresser. Hamilton NZ

Great product. It feels refreshing and leaves your scalp and hair feeling clean. My hair is very coarse and frizzy, it felt very soft. Products used: Saturate, Volume, Strength, Vitatin. – Evelyn Park. Hairstylist. Garden of Eve Salon. Remuera.

Feels thicker, looks shinier, more volume. Scalp feels soothed and calmed. Products used: Vitatin, Cellagen, X-Derma, TheraRx, Therapeutic, Volume & Strength. – L. Derocher, Mt Albert, Support Executive.

Products used: Folligen Shampoo, Volume, Strength, Vitatin Conditioner. Awesome product! love it! Results were great. before I used this product my hair was breaking off. after I used the product I notice no breakage. - Cassandra McCraith, Hair Dresser, The Cutting Room.

Products used: Saturate Shampoo, Volume, Strength, Vitatin Conditioner. Works really well, feels great. Puts your hair in good condition. Can really notice the difference, much less split ends and hair feels really soft and looks shiny - makes colour look lively. - Stacey Ogg, Hairdresser, The Cutting Room.

Great range that covers a range of scalp issues including thinning, hair loss, psoriasis, oily scalp & face, thin fragile hair etc. - Tracy Payne, Hairdresser, Hair Style, Tauranga.

Products used: TheraRx, X-Folate Shampoo, Therapeutic. My grandson aged 19. has Psoriasis on Scalp. and acne. (tried everything). Put him onto above Products. Excellent results. He has no more flakey Scalp. & skin is so much. better. - Sheryl Ruscoe, Hairdresser, Hair Style, Tauranga.

My hair has improved, even after using Nioxin for 12 years. Mediceuticals is so easy to talk about to clients and very easy to sell. Every client I have sold Mediceuticals to has seen an improvement in the body, smoothness and quality of the hair. - Merv Beets, Hairdresser, Hair Style, Tauranga.

Products used: BioClenz Shampoo, Final Finish, Numinox. These products have improved my husbands scalp. He has gained confidence because his scalp appearance has improved. - Pauline Dickinson, Hairdressing Tutor, Hair to Train, Mt. Maunganui.

Great products that make the hair & scalp both feel stronger, cleansed, less irritated & Better hairgrowth. Vanessa Jepsen, Onehunga

I have been selling Mediceuticals for 4 months. My clients love the product and have been happy with their lack of loss and condition of hair. Amazing product range walks off our shelf. Deborah Wilson, Epsom, Raven Haircutters.

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